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Catering Package

There are different catering package plans to meet the different needs of you and your guests.

Catering Package for 8-10 pax
(Original Price $1,494)
Spanish Serrano Ham w/ Arugula Salad (1 Lb)
Crispy Jumbo Lump Crab Cake w/ Sweet Corn (10 Pcs)
Potato Bravas (1Lb)
Roasted Chicken Wings w./ Honey (1Lb)
German Sausage Platter w/ Tomato Concasse & Hash Brown (4 Pcs)
Pig's Knuckle in Germen w./ Escabeche & Mint Tomato's Concasse (1 pack)
Saint Louis Pork Rib Roast w/ Honey BBQ Sauce (1 pack)
Linguine Edible Crab Meat in Crab Brown Meat Cream (2 Lbs)
Tableware (including fork/spoon /plate) (10 packs)
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Catering Package for 18-22 pax
(Original Price $3,090)
Smoked Salmon & Pasta Salad w/ Pesto (4Lb)
Devil on Horseback (20pcs)
Roasted Chicken Wings w/ Honey (2Lb)
Ham & Cheese Mini Croissant (2 packs of 10 pcs)
Crispy Wasabi Chicken w/ Bacon & Mashed Potato (3Lb)
Spaghetti w/ Cepes & Spinach in Herbs Cream (4Lb)
Chorizo Jambalaya Rice (4Lb)
Roasted Beef w/ Paprika & Mashed Potato (3Lb)
Chocolate Brownie (1Lb)
Tableware (including fork/spoon/plate) (22 packs)
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Catering Package for 30-35 pax
(Original Price $5,736)
Mixed Fruit Salad (4Lb)
Caesar Salad (2Lb)
Norwegian Smoked Salmon & coleslaw Roll (30pcs)
Wild Mushroom Vol-au-vent (30pcs)
Roasted Chicken Wings w/ Honey (3Lb)
Buffalo Cheese & Tomato Bruschetta (30 pcs)
Pork Nesk Kebab Roll w/ Mint (4Lb)
Sautee Mixed Mushroom w/ Garlic & Herbs (4Lb)
Penne & Crab meat in Cheese Cream (8Lb)
Chorizo Jambalaya Rice (4Lb)
Whole Pig's Knuckle in German (2Kg)
Crispy Wasabi Chicken w/ Bacon & Mashed Potato (4Lb)
Macaroon (20pcs)
New York Cheese cake (9``)
Tableware (including fork/spoon/plate) (35 packs)
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Our expert culinary chefs offer exquisite catering services for any events or functions.

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Our catering goal is to help make your event a memorable experience for your guests.

We have high demand in the Western-style Food, all the food ingredients are selected carefully, every food course have been studied meticulously.

We would serve it to our customers after it has qualified our high standard. We guarantee our customers enjoy it with satisfactory. AGE Cuisine Express is located at Quarry Bay, we welcome our friends who are working or living nearby our restaurant to come over to try!

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From small to large corporate events or weddings and parties, get inspired with our favorite catering projects.

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HCCH 125週年國際私法會議 x AGE Cuisine再度合作

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MTR Christmas party

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H.K.S.K.H. Charity

H.K.S.K.H. Charity

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EGS(Asia) Ltd. Christmas party

EGS(Asia) Ltd. Christmas party

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Private Birthday party

Private Birthday party

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1104B, Eastern Center, 1065 King's Road, Quarry Bay, Hong

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